Hydra Sports Boats – Saybrook, CT

September 27, 2010

MasterCraft has recently purchased a new outboard fishing boat company, Hydra Sport. The decision was made to offer a different look and background so they chose to shoot in Long Island sound just off the coast of Connecticut.

Early morning at the marina with the moon still up

Scott Crutchfield idles out one of the new 2011 models for a shot

Mark, J.B. and Donny in our photoboat at sunrise…

One of the many beautiful lighthouses that we used found for backgrounds

Special thanks to the local Hydra Sport dealer for our killer Lobster feast! and steamed clams, and fresh tuna sushi, and fresh swordfish, and…


MasterCraft Boats – Lake Tellico, TN

September 9, 2010

MasterCraft chose to stay local this year for their running footage shoot so we spent the week in Vonore, Tennessee on their factory lake, Tellico.

6a.m. beauty shots with the ProStar 197

Marcus Brown ripping the course as usual

We’re using various rig mounts with the new Go Pro HD cameras this season. The image quality is surprisingly good for the cost of these little units

Aussie ripper Harley Clifford getting in done…



The Wake Pro Tour came thru Knoxville during our shoot so we took the opportunity to cover some of MasterCraft’s pro riders. Andrew Adkison on the dock before the semi finals

MasterCraft Boats studio shoot

September 9, 2010

The summer season brings us together again with Bump Films and the 2011 MasterCraft DVD shoot. This year we decided to continue the studio shoot concept that was used in last years DVD with a full commitment to the entire MasterCraft line. We opted to shoot video with the Canon 5D using Zeiss, (50mm) and Nikon, (105mm) primes along with a Canon 24mm-70mm to compliment the package.

Setting up a shot on the new X-55

The 5D on a slider dolly proved invaluable to give us movement within each shot

Select boats were raised on either end with fork lifts for hull shots


Shooting the X-35 with our slider dolly

Winter Olympics, Whistler B.C.

March 4, 2010

The month of February was spent at the Winter Olympic Games, in Whistler B.C. I was assigned to cover the Olympic Park Venue shooting both Cross Country and Biathlon events.

The Inukshuk, an Inuit indian symbol of the 2010 games

Olympic Park Cross Country Venue
X country venue wide

A nice morning in the Callaghan at the Winter Games

Outside mission control at the Biathlon venue
EJ vancouver banner


Our crew used Panasonic HPX-500 cameras. One RF & one hooked up to fiber.
C/U shooter with rings

Jumbotron at the Cross Country venue
jumbo tron with torch

Two shot with our talent for the pre-race show
EJ / wayes two shot with talent

Global gathering at the fence line

We interviewed this guy from West Germany. He hasn’t missed a Winter Olympics since he was ten!!
pin man

Each venue used a tracking dolly shot capable of 50mph. Three shot sequence nailing the goods.

Mens Cross Country
two shot mens cross country

long lens single mns x country

Womens Biathlon
wmns pack biathlon

profile wms biathlon

wmns single biathlon

C/U  single japanese biathlon

Mens Biathlon
mens mass start biathlon

biathlon jumbotron

Tapped out after completing 30 Kilometers
mns biathlon

MasterCraft Rewind 2010

September 16, 2009

Once again we are teaming up with Bump Films to shoot MasterCraft’s yearly DVD “Rewind”. This season we’re using a PS Technik 35mm adapter on our Panasonic HPX-500 to utilize Zeiss Super Speed prime lenses for our studio shoot.

Interview with Parker Stare at MasterCraft’s Tennessee factory

Shooting the X-Star with Zeiss Primes and a Skater Dolly



The MasterCraft X-55

Mark sets up a dolly move on the X-55


We took the new MasterCraft 300 to a U.T. football game, one of two universities that you can actually drive your boat to the stadium, (University of Washington is the other). Shooting a standup at the in the tailgate area. The fans are rabid at U.T.!


We were lucky enough to tag along with the Nutt family for the game. They have three Skyboxes on the 50 yard line. This is the way to watch a football game!

Immersive Media – Vail Corp. (part 2)

March 19, 2009

This was our final shoot for Vail Corp. for the season. They also own Heavenly at Tahoe as part of their resort portfolio. After various reschedules due to bad weather, (read: killer powder…), we got a window to go down and finish up.

carson city neon cowboy
Carson City, Nevada on the drive in

Heavenly tram
The famous tram at Heavenly

craig helmet cam
Craig ready with the Immersive Camera on a helmet mount

Craig boom with models
Prepping for the next follow cam shot

skier huck heavenly park
Heavenly pro Courtney, the girl has skills…

snowboarder park huck
Another South Shore Soldier…

snowplow with mono boom nevada side
Mono pod boom shot on the Nevada side

heavenly zip line
Craig gets all the hard jobs. Follow cam with Courtney on Heavenly’s zip line

CU cam head heavenly at gondola
Capturing the gondola in the village

Immersive Media – Vail Corp.

February 7, 2009

Our second shoot for Immersive Media, we used their proprietary 360 degree video camera to capture ski runs and amenities at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Breckenridge.

EJ mounts cam head on rig
Attaching the camera head to the ski boom rig

segway at beaver creek
D.P. Craig Adkins on a segway shot at Beaver Creek

CU craig with cam head
Craig balances the head on the Immersive gimbal mount back pack

craig follow cam kids
Tracking with the kiddies…

craig tubing
Craig on the wild ride at the tube park!

craig and group on hill
Prepping a shot with our ski models on the hill

craig follow cam rail slide
Follow cam in the terrain park

Multi shot sequence of huckers in the Breckenridge terrain park
breck park seq1breck park seq2breck park seq3breck park seq4 breck park seq5breck park seq6breck park seq7breck park seq8breck park seq9breck park seq10